It is a link between walking the path on your own and being supported. 

The bridgelike program is designed to teach, guide, encourage, support and hold your hand in a more relaxed way.

Being in a group also enables the synergistic effect of walking with others of similar life stages and changes.

Collectively and singularly, we cross life's challenging terrain, win, and enjoy the scenery along the journey. 

No one needs to walk the path alone, yet, we do it for ourselves. 

The outcome is truly profound. 

ReclaimME! Bridge the Gap

Weekly Chat and Shift 

Loosing yourself along life's journey isn't living.

Struggle, pain and sacrifice doesn't mean you are living life well.

Giving away your power to others -  Your partner, Kids, Bosses, In-laws, Parents, Social/Cultural Norms etc., is a path to frustration, overwhelm, anxiety, feeling inadequate, guilt and a whole lot more heavy feelings. ​Not only do they do your head in, but your self-esteem takes a battering by trying to be all things to all people, but for what?? ​

What is the alternative anyway?

All babies know they are worth being looked after and that they are gorgeous, which is why they love being held and googled over. Unfortunately, by the time we reach adulthood, most of us have buried this innocent wonder along the way.

The alternative, then, is to

remember what it feels like to be loved unconditionally (you did that from day dot);
create a strong sense of self,

create healthy boundaries, and choose a stack of self-love and care.

Sound too good to be true?

I thought so, too, before I started my Inner Healing Journey and learnt a stack of tools and tricks along the way. I can help you get UNSTUCK so that you can start making a big IMPACT on your health and wellness.

It is possible you aren't living the way you want because you forgot to work on the most essential piece of the puzzle… YOU!  Most people don't realise that your INNER SELF determines your health- your beliefs, fears, doubts and thoughts.

I know this from experience. It was only when I worked on my inner beliefs transformed my insecure, wallflower self with anorexic tendencies into a self-confident person who looks after herself in every way. It is about helping others reclaim themselves to live from their healthy self-belief, self-love and self-worth.

When you have all these, it is so much easier to choose foods that work for your body, exercise for your interest and not meet others' expectations. Your Life becomes about you, what you choose, and what works best for you! 

You Create Your Life on Your TERMS!

Bridge the Gap Membership

What is included?

Immediately upon joining, you have access to some powerful yet easy-to-use foundational tools to support you.  

Each week's recording of the Chat and Shift sessions is uploaded, and you can re-listen or catch the recording of the discussions.  Access the tools, resources and material used or shared during the sessions.

Each month will be a different theme; during sessions, and in the private chat, the floor is open for you to share your challenge around the theme or on topic.

Each week, a quick and easy change and support technique will be taught, reminded or used to integrate changes into your everyday life. 

The tools suit a variety of personalities, and over time, you will find ones that are your go-to tools for situations. 

This is empowering. 

To support yourself, increase your self-awareness, shift perspectives and move forward with ideas and choices aligned with your life purpose is pretty damn phenomenal. 

Each week will be slightly different, depending on who and what challenge shows up, but you will learn the following tools and techniques... 

Join the Bridge the Gap membership group to access the session replays, tools, guided meditations etc. shared during the free weekly Chat and Shift session.

Journal, questions and clarity prompts 

Considering how many thoughts we have each minute, let alone each day, opening to your thoughts makes a big difference. Learn techniques and the types of questions to ask yourself for more self-awareness, clarity, personal wisdom and choice. 

If you want to jump ahead, you download the eBook 20+ Pivotal Questions on the home page

EFT or Tapping

EFT or tapping is included because it has science to prove its effectiveness, is super easy to use - anywhere!!  Yep, anywhere. Student - inmates i shared this with told me it helped them during court hearings to calm them, and increase their ability to talk through the answers while on trial.  Think that is pretty powerful, imagine how lifechanging it could be in less stressful situations. 

Reframing or flipping!

This is one of my favourite tools and is part of talk therapy.  Several activities in my books use the principle.  The power comes from considering other points of view - yours, others in the challenge and society in general.  This technique opens the way to new opportunities, perspectives, solutions, compassions, and definitely a lot of self-compassion, aha insights and forgiveness.   Extend this towards others, and situations change. 
Image by Photo redcharlie | @redcharlie1 un unsplash

Guided meditations

Guided meditations are useful to access ancient wisdom, access hidden truths and receive important messages for you, now.  Inner child work often comes into the meditation as the different parts hiding from the now start to have a voice.  With time and practice, you will be able to converse with your parts, your younger self and most importantly the fears, concerns and apprehensions that are attempting to protect you. Yep, protect you. 

Monthly Guest Speaker

Each month, you will benefit from the wisdom of others in the themed topic.  Basically a podcast, but with an open mic for you as well. 

And more

Just as the dandelion wish spreads far and wide, what comes through and what is shared in the group has wide range reach.  It is one to experience for self and see what comes for you. 

Join Bridge the Gap Membership

By Bridging the Gap between how you experience life now,

and how you really would like it to be, you move through these three phases.

Conducted within a secure and private interactive community,

you, too, can experience the power of self-awareness.

The more self-aware we are, conscious choices are easier to make.

You are choosing from values, priorities and authenticity.   





Join Bridge the Gap Membership