What the Mind Sees takes you through many well-being pillars, with a strong focus on how limiting beliefs dictate our life choices and influence our body functions, experiences and even whom we interact with.

Psychological and physical safety are primal needs, and we will do almost anything to ensure it. In order to protect our mental, emotional and physical selves at a young age, we quickly learn adaptive behaviours and stories to ward off unpleasant and painful experiences.  Unfortunately, these adaptations were fear-based, creating limiting beliefs and self-sabotaging habits to maintain the familiar illusion of 'normal'. 

The subconscious runs our programming and plays the well-worn beliefs and rules of how we 'should' view the world, ourselves, and the appropriate life choices. They tell us how to interpret what we see, hear and show up in the world. The programs are deeply ingrained and run on auto-pilot until we become aware of the scripts and consciously choose programming rules to live by.

The programs protected us as children, but unfortunately, the programs created can be limiting and harmful in adulthood, which requires us to be well-rounded, grounded and secure in ourselves so we interact in the world and with each other in pleasant, positive and cooperative ways. 

The information and activities in What the Mind Sees the Body Feels, Creates and Attracts inform how your beliefs are lying to you, hiding your ultimate truth that you are Love, lovable and worthy of love, capable of doing more than you believe, and worthy, deserving and have the capacity to be much more than your past leads you to believe. 

Knowledge is power, and once you grasp the power of self-awareness, you can take back your power. Disentangle the spiderweb of lies, fears and limiting beliefs keeping you trapped, small and disempowered. With greater awareness, you transform fear-based lies.
You tip the scales towards empowerment, away from the knee jerk reactions.

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Key Sections

What  is matter

Our Physical Being - The Cornerstones of Health.
This section explores the body -

As a collection of atoms and how they form our body structures, organs and systems. 

Communication methods in the body 

Conscious thought - brain functions, learning and thinking/feeling.

The Subconscious   - The elusive memory, meanings and reasonings we create.

This section introduces how we create our beliefs, stories, and in particular, Ego via the psychological theories of emotional, social and thought development. There are distinct stages and ages emotionally secure and healthy adults evolve through, even if most of us don't.  

Childhood trauma and experiences create the chickenwire frame of our adult experiences, Understanding how our frame was created, and now influences our choices, who we feel comfortable around, and how we show up in the world empowers us to make more informed choices. 

Dis-ease, the gap between our reality and potential 

The area of dis-ease is complex, multifactorial, and not as straightforward as we would prefer.  The elements include our environment, how our body chemistry changes when we consume anything, the many stressors and our memories/beliefs in the background.   As we become more self-aware of our beliefs about our body, expectations, fears, coping mechanisms, addictions, and habits, we can make conscious choices of how we think, feel, interact and practice to live.  Without this understanding, we are still running around blindly coping but not necessarily thriving. 

What are you working towards?

This is a broad question, and again, it is multifaceted.  What do we choose to be remembered for and the experiences do we wish to have in the future? Self-actualisation is explored, and how to start the journey of unlearning and learning what it takes to Create a Life on Your Terms!  

Strategies and Techniques to heal and transform the past into a positive future. 

There are many ways to create a different way of thinking, feeling and doing.  However, a faster and easier way is to dive into the subconscious beliefs and story programs running our lives on autopilot.  Address these, and you Create Your Life from the inside out.  This section has 10+ strategies and techniques to help you explore your feelings, stories, expectations, and what you choose to experience more in your life. 

You know what is essential to you based on values, how you want to feel and how you consciously choose to interact with life.   You Create Your Life on Your Terms through conscious and aware decisions. 

Life is about the journey, the flow through life, one step at a time. Sometimes we take detours, sometimes we slide down the mountain with an avalanche. Sometimes we just need to sit and take in the view, while other times we need to make a house to protect ourselves from the elements. No matter where you are in your moment of life, it is perfectly relevant. The highs, lows, twists and bends are all opportunity giving, to expand and re-learn our highest self - Love. To support you further in your journey, I would like to introduce you to what I do, if you are not already familiar.

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