ReclaimME! Individual Consultations

Working one on one consultations are powerful, individualised sessions flexible to meet your needs and supports required. 

Hypnotherapy, Guided meditations, and Talk therapy are available. 

ReclaimME! Transformation with Hypnotherapy & Guided Meditations

Deep dive into your subconscious's programming where the memories and pains are stored. During your hypnotherapy or guided meditation session you are heard, supported and prompted to explore the lesson, flip and re-write the script with a loving hand. You receive from your highest, loving self the message you need to move forward from a place of empowerment and freedom.  This is a comprehensive, 1 month program with several components included.

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ReclaimeME! Self-awareness with deep chats and exploration of the layers

Unlock your true self. Living a full life balances the mind, body and Soul. Remodel the lies we internalised that tell us how we 'should be, live our life and our status'—the type of person we are expected or allowed to become.

What do acceptable relationships feel and behave like? What do we feel is safe, regular and suitable? When we explore the lies, re-write them with love, stretch our comfort zone, and increase our self-love through compassion, life becomes a magical experience with more ease. It feels safer, happier, friendlier, connective and more open to possibility instead of closed in what has been

Book gift

Books, and other learning opportunities!

Not ready to commit to deep transformation and empowerment.  That is ok.
It took me some time to get my head around it, and to say YES!

Leah You might like to read, listen or contemplate your life through her other works available.

Learning about and healing your inner challenges. 

You too can Create Your Life on Your Terms!