Welcome to Self-Awareness

The following describes the next steps and what to expect before, during and after your self-awareness session. 

Steps to take

Step 1. Complete the intake questionnaire, so I have a bit more information about you, and your goals. 


Step 2. Download and listen to the pre-recorded meditation to prepare you mind for your session. 


What can happen before your session..

I believe the subconscious, working with divinity through serendipity has brought us together.  Divine timing and all that.  

With this in mind, your subconscious is ready to heal the parts that are hurting and coming to the surface to be released. This is a natural process of inner work healing.  Yes, it can be uncomfortable, confronting and you may feel a variety of things. 

Anxiety - anxious about what is there that wants to be seen, heard or be let go of so your be-ing can relax again. 

Fear - of the unknown and what could happen during and after the session.  Unfamiliar is scary, and one of the protection mechanisms is to shy away or abandon a course of action.  Hold on to your vision for something different during this phase.  You are normal, and also shows you have a protective force against more pain.  However, this can also be self-sabotaging.  Breathe in deep breathes of positive possibilities, and let go of thoughts, feelings and uncertainty that isn't supporting your growth at this point. 

You may want to
run away and hide. 

cancel the appointment

tell yourself you don't need help, you can and have done everything to date without it.  Yes, you can do it all, but at what cost, and have you been choosing from fear or love?

Use all your favorite avoidance, denial and other self-protection techniques to distract yourself from the above.  Drink, exercise, binge TV/Netflix, sleep, work, sex, shop, any of the activities that keeps you and/or your mind busy and not feeling or seeing memories coming up. 

Feel like there is a simmering pressure pot inside of you ready to burst.
Again, the is normal and expected. You have years, likely generations of festering stuff and like anything that ferments, rots, or corrodes there is a build up of things to be released. 

 Take the pressure of with self-compassion, self-care in healthy ways, gentle exercise.

Give yourself permission to cry, scream into pillows, journal, get back into nature to help release the built up tensions. 

Other support available..

Leah has first hand experience in many aspects of trauma, and as a result professionally studied various modalities.  Her wisdom and learnings have been translated into books and in particular an Awareness and Accountability Journal that you can purchase here.  These books help give scientific reasons behind why we feel, think, and do what we do.  All books have activities, strategies and hints on how to self-care, explore what is going on, and shift blocks. 

There is a cancellation fee if you do not reschedule or cancel within 24 hours of scheduled appointment.

For full details,  and download terms, conditions, refund policy as well as privacy and confidentially. 

What are your terms and conditions?

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