ReclaimME! Spring Clean
Currently under reconstruction. 

I created this program to give hope and support to others who feel lost and want more out of life: more meaning, love, connection, purpose.

Spring Clean is packed with the tools and strategies I learned during my healing journey from suicide to now living an intentional life.

Providing you with a tool kit of information, strategies and support, you have the opportunity to dive into yourself. Exploring your limiting beliefs, rules, lies, fears and stories you created to survive traumas, pains, misinterpretations during stressful and painful incidents.   

The RecliamME! Spring Clean program gently navigates you through your filing cabinet of memories, rules, beliefs, fears and expectations.

You have access to activities, meditations, hypnotherapy and online group support, guiding your self-exploration of your rules, beliefs, expectations of yourself and your world. 

Each new insight and awareness empowers you to make a different choice, one from consciousness and less from the auto-pilot reactions.

This is how you Create Your Life on Your Terms!

By consciously making choices aligned with who you choose to be, not what you 'should' be. 

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Program's Intention 

My intention with the ReclaimME Spring Clean is to support your self-exploration increase your self-awareness, expose you to tools, ideas, and support towards your empowerment. Bold claims? Not really, this is what I do in my private sessions, what I use each day to support my evolution, and it works.

Spring Clean is designed to assess, sweep out, a shakeup, de-clutter and recoup the parts of you that are hiding out in fear, uncertainty, insecurity, shame, guilt and keeping small.

Your limiting beliefs and fears are designed to protect you from repeating scary, hurtful or embarrassing moments, yet, as an adult, they keep us small, dis-empowered and hidden.  
When unexplored, healed or shifted, they perpetuate unpleasant experiences.

Spring Clean has the potential to make a huge dent in your fears, uncertainty, insecurities, and other aspects keeping you back from living the life you desire. Flipping the stories and beliefs so your greatness shines more. 

You Create Your Life on Your Terms!

Who is ready for the Spring Clean Program?
You are willing to:

Break the chains of limiting beliefs and unhealthy rules keeping you stuck

Heal the emotional hurts, pains, traumas created when others acted unloving to you, knowingly or not.

See the silver-lining, blessing, good in situations.

Implement Universal Laws

Willing to get it 'wrong', dig deeper and understand the healing process is not a one-stop experience, but ongoing.

Commit to exploring themselves.

Being curious about why they do what they do, reasons why they feel and choose what they do.

Celebrate their wins, steps forward, and commit to the processes to keep moving forward.

Learn powerful tools to flip, re-design, write a different life script so they can create a Life on Their Terms!

Step into empowerment

Who is not ready for the Spring Clean Program? You:

Find it easier, and are more comfortable to blame others for their misfortune, problems, pain etc.

Would rather stay the victim. Only because it is familiar and feels safer. 

Have not yet healed from serious trauma - sexual, physical, emotional or mental abuse. The ReclaimME! Bridge the Gap is a better program for you.

Can't remember their past, or have gaps in their memory of events.

Own your past, Take Responsibility, Design your Dreams  and be amazed how your future changes

Chain Breaker

The past created our beliefs, hopes expectations. Healing the past is where the magic lies. 

Insights & Lessons

All things have a silver lining. We take these and anchor them into the now, then springboard the future. 

Ripple Effect

Beliefs are like string on a pearl necklace. Break the string, pain and memories fall away. What will that create in your life? 

How does it work?

You have access to 11 different modules to help you self-explore, increase your self-awareness and make conscious changes. They cover
-  Knowing yourself -  beliefs or rules you live by.
- Recognise your sabotages, fears and patterns that keep showing up. 
-  Your ideals you are walking towards, your character traits, ideal day, relationships, career, legacy. 
- Strategies to heal, shift, transform,  re-write and re-ire your nervous system for positive outcomes. 
- Access to powerful, healing and uplifting guided meditations and hypnosis recording to support the above. 

A private group not on Meta platforms. 
You have access to the Spring Clean community at You are encouraged to share your ideas and Aha moments with the group so we can all benefit. The synergistic effect of being with like-minded people, sharing from the heart and positivity rubs off!! From experience, being in the room and reading others' insights and experiences can be enough to help shift, prompt healing or give insight. Take advantage of this opportunity; it saves you from coming up with all the 'goods'.

There is a combination of meditations that dig deep, and recorded hypnotherapy sessions. You are supported to see your past with different eyes, heal, let go and forgive. 
See the lessons, and blessings of the challenges. Yes, even the most painful have lessons and blessings. Also, have access to future pace dreaming, anchoring, and a lot more.

What could happen?

Start dreaming, your live starts with a canvas. 

AS you do one part of life, you do in others.  Your fears and beliefs don't discriminate between people, situations or experiences. 

Heal the limiting beliefs, fears and insecurities creating your entire life and you empower yourself to Create a life on Your Terms!! 


You see yourself and others in a different light.  With greater insight, empathy and compassion you open the way for easier, more loving relationships and experiences in all areas of your life. 


Know yourself and you get to choose what to continue, change or polish. You empower yourself with conscious, aware choices in alignment with who you choose to become and how to live your life. 

Emotional Growth 

Move from
fear to curiosity.
insecurity to confidence, 
self-consciousness to comfortable
wariness to trust
need to control to go with the  flow

Increase trust in your gut feelings, decisions, and allowance for detours, experiments, and lessons. 

You become more in charge of your life, by developing a more trusting, relaxed and self-loving perspective. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What topics are covered?

There are many practices taught/used, including, but not limited to: Guided meditations, EFT - Tapping Discussions of the themes of issues people share in the group, assessing where you are in your life & contentment. Sabotages, Affirmation creation, Transforming limiting beliefs, Forward dreaming and anchoring, to name a few. The flavour or what parts of life are focused on will depend on participants' interests.

What can I expect from the program?

While there is no clear answer to what you will experience or the level of change you will experience, while there is no guarantee,  you will have change! Some clients have improved body symptoms, and some have resolved. Some develop a  sense of peace of mind and increased confidence. Some have reported feeling lighter and easier to make decisions. Their view on life is different and healthier. These are only a few reported changes. Your journey is yours, and while unpredictable, I am confident it too will be profound.

I have been diagnosed with a Mental Health Condition, can I still participate?

If you have severe health or experienced significant trauma, individual sessions are best to heal from the past. The program includes guided meditations and hypnotherapy.   These may activate trauma memories. If you are diagnosed with epilepsy or take medication for mental health conditions, please contact us to discuss your situation.

What precautions do I need to be aware off?

RecaliamME! Spring Clean program includes Guided Hypnotic Sessions and meditations to explore and transform limiting beliefs.

There are a few precautions. Besides the potential life-changing outcome, participants are clean of mind-altering drugs. These include prescribed medication and non-prescribed, including alcohol, marijuana, and illicit drugs while listening to guided hypnosis and meditations participants. Do not participate in the hypnosis process if you take medication for epilepsy, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, or multiple personality disorders to minimise the risk of triggering an episode.

You may benefit from the awareness activities and insights applicable to your therapy appointments to explore further. The  ReclaimME! Spring Clean program does not provide or replace therapy, diagnosis or cure. At no time is it suggested or implied to provide or replace medical Support, including Psychology, Psychotherapy, Psychiatry or other Medical and Mental Health Support.